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Yes, smartphone cameras can create good photos. But they lack the nuances great photography requires. Smartphone cameras cannot do: blur backgrounds to perfection, cover big/wide places in one frame, create lighting trails, and produce high-resolution images. Most winning businesses go through large extents to capture proper & perfect images of their products and services. It's an essential part of the marketing for any business. Being in the same team with web and graphical designers, our photographers use applied composition techniques while shooting - in other words they are trained to think about the website and brochure while shooting.
  • Studio setup with lighting
  • Clear subject-specific background
  • High-resolution files
  • Experience with professional models
  • Shooting at the relevant atmosphere
  • Retail/consumer products
  • In-use depiction of products, if needed
  • Food, Fashion, Industrial, Real Estate


Template-based online site builders won't be able to bring the uniqueness and coolness a business needs. As an experienced software team, we focus on a rock-solid architecture and have access to hundreds of our own web themes that we customize based on the demographics of visitors and business presentation. Just as simple as a bad choice of fonts can throw the visitors away - hence we focus on the presentation of every text and image on the site. We build Websites!
  • Microsoft.Net, Wordpress, Magento
  • Responsive device - Monitor, Phone & Tablet
  • SSL included and renewed every year
  • Focus on navigation and usability
  • Issues management tools
  • Test site availability
  • Constant Performance tuning

Online Selling

We help you sell your stuff online with our product catalog, shopping cart, payment processing and many other features. Notifications when orders are placed and fulfilled.
  • Catalog Creation / Maintenance
  • Secure Payment Processing

Social Media

Photos that we shoot will be used for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts every week to keep the marketing pulse. Special marketing campaigns are also conducted.
  • Social Media

Marketing Support

We also help our clients with graphical designing of marketing material like menus, brochures and flyers. Designing of this content periodically requires a dedicated team and can be expensive. We will provide service in out package.
  • Facebook Apps


Search Engine Optimization is one of the must-haves for an online/offline business. Enabling you to cut through the noise in today’s crowded digital marketplace and connect with target audience. Page optimization, High traffic keywords identification etc. are some of the activities we perform.

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